Thursday, 28 April 2011


Time once again to see how we are doing with "the plan"

1) 15mm ECW - the scots army has been started, but stalled

2) 28mm Napoleonic skirmish - I've decided to can this one. The 28mm stuff will be going to the Lincombe Barn tabletop sale next month.

3) 15mm SCW - some small progress here, as I've painted up a few odd vehicles. I'm also looking at something based on AK-47 (along the lines of the Mexikanski 36 variant) as far as rules are concerned.

4) Coastal - no, still nothing going on here.

5) The Room - This will be an ongoing mission. For a few weeks it was clear and gameable. Now it is cluttered with stuff going to Lincombe Barn.

6) ACW Naval - Doing really well here, as all my outstanding 1/1200 and all but 2 of my outstanding 1/600 models are finished!

The new "Number 2" is "Wings of War", where I aim to have all outstanding models painted and complete, aircraft cards printed and laminated, and some bomber stands sorted out.

I also have a "standby" - which is 15mm modern / Vietnam skirmish, which is really about sprucing up the Peter Pig african and Vietnam armies that I made up soe years ago.

Oh, and of course, the Sudan, to which we will be returning after Lincombe Barn..........

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