Saturday, 30 April 2011

Mojo Working - NOT

Something bizarre has happened. My figure painting mojo seems to have deserted me! Painting ships? Fine. Painting forts? No problem. Tanks, aircraft? Bring 'em on.

But can I get ANY motivation together to paint a pile of 15mm figures? No.

Today, in between rebuilding the dishwasher, fixing Philip's Game Boy, taking the kids out for lunch and doing the washing, I've happily worked on a couple of 1/600 ironclads and an armoured bus and WW1 Belgian armoured car that are going into my alt-SCW collection. I also have 24 Peter Pig Nationalist infantry figures, all stuck on coffe stirrers and primed, ready to go. But every time I've tried to get them started I've found an excuse, got side-tracked or (in the end) painted a few webbing straps before thinking "meh" and stopping.

Hopefully this malaise will pass soon. As it is though, my ACW naval collection is coming on in spades. Silver lining, eh?


  1. Hi DM,

    My 'organic' painting mojo deserted me around about 1978 although I did have a DBA phase about 5 years ago....;-)

    I am sure you will recover and take heart from what is getting finished in the meantime!

    BTW, our dishwasher was sadly terminal so I plumbed in the new one this morning. It was 11 years old so had done pretty well.

    All the best,


  2. Silver lining indeed, do what you feel like doing - a hobby shouldn't be a chore after all!

  3. For some reason I get painters block with figures but not with things (vehicles etc)

    Must be the same affliction?