Monday 25 April 2016

Happy ANZAC Day 2016

Today is ANZAC Day and I'd like to which all my Aussie and Kiwi friends a very happy day. I what has become something of a tradition here Laura and I** baked a pile of ANZAC biscuits yesterday. Most have not survived to today, but I still have one or two to enjoy with my afternoon tea :)

** actually Laura did most of the baking!

Saturday 23 April 2016

Something Must Have Happened....

... in the last half hour!

For various reasons the painting programme has pretty much stalled in recent weeks. The River Plate ships are almost finished, the next batch of winterised Eastern Front models are about half done (and have been for ages), but I have managed to finish a couple of items for my "Stingray" game. I've bought a few terror fish from Ebay in groups of 2 or three which have often included models with some degree of damage. By swapping bits (and by scratch building various fins) about I have eight intact fish, but thats left me with two that are damaged and have missing bits. So I decided to use these to make some sunken fish that can be used as objectives in games or just as nice bits of terrain.

I'm quite pleased at how these have turned out. I have also picked up a couple of very battered Stingays which will get similar treatment when I have the time. And then on to some more terrain in the form of some "buildings" for the undersea city of Titanica.

In the meantime the latest "Project X" has taken off, going from a rough idea to a high stage of development very rapidly. Watch this space......