Sunday 25 November 2012

Reveille 2012

One of my favourite wargames show is Reveille II, held at the Lincombe Barn centre in Downend, Bristol. Its not a big show but its my local show where I enjoy the "social" side of gaming rather than the shopping experience which was last week). I've just returned early from this year's show to help out the "gels" as they get their ponies ready for an event at Tumpy Green. This year's show was, as always, a lovely little affair. I took a few pictures, but a flat battery meant I only got shots of two games.

First off was the Escape Committee from Burnham on Sea who inveigled me into playing their USMC beach assault game. There being a ship involved I was duly given command and, having endured some accurate fire from a Japanese coastal battery my first return shot detonated his magazine and blew the battery to pieces. Not bad for a first fire, but as the Amtracs closed on the beach and disgorged their troops into the maw of the enemy I found targets drying up (there being no enthusiasm for a "danger close" fire mission!). I did however survive at attack froma  lone "Kate" torpedo bomber which narrowly missed my ship (as I narowly missed him wth my AAA). Still, a lovely game with some beautifully painted models.

The second game I snapped was the battle of Camden from the American War of Independence. This game was staged by my old friends in the Abbey Wood Irregulars (a group of whom I am technically a member but rather more irregular than most as they now play in Frome and I've moved another 30 minutes further away. But as always a lovely game and, as I left the British under Stephen "Cornwallis" Welford were giving the damned traitors a thorough going over :)

Apart from these two, Adrian Hussey's battle of Craonne was great to look at, the Lincombe Barn team were putting on their usual "Alien Squad Leader" game which went down very well, and also going down very well were some Danish floating batteries in a Napoleonic naval game run by D.O.G.S. of War - the game used the "Trafalgar" rules, heavily modified (as indeed they need to be :D )

Apart from that a good chance to chat with old friends, I missed a chance to chat with John Curry (sorry John), engaged in a debate as to whether X Wing was a rip off of Wings of War (verdict - "no") and I had a very nice and reasonably priced cup of tea. So, an excellent morning out, and I managed to get away with out spending too much - just some grass huts for my Sudan collection; six for two quid from The Square, which you can't complain about.

Monday 19 November 2012

Warfare - the Aftermath

I had  a lovely time at Warfare this weekend. the Wings of Glory game went very well, I think. we ended up with three tables. one playing WW2, one playing WW1 and one information table displaying models, boxed sets and other game material. All three tables were busy throughout the day, and we hooked several potential new players, all of whom were directed towards the Caliver and Stafford Games stands where Wow goodies could be had, and also to the KR Multicase stand (as we were showcasing some of their products too).

Gameswise on the WW1 we started with a few actions set in the skies over the Adriatic, with Italian, Austrian and British sea planes in action. Some close fought battles, and some distinctive aircraft (plus an airship!). After lunch we moved to the Western Front and brought out the DH2s and Halberstadts from the Ares Series 5 releases. Again, some excellent actions, converts made to the cause and many aerial (and more general) wargaming conversations had. And we had the "joy" of being next to the carpet "tripping hazard" on the way in to the second hall, where punters regularly took a tumble either over the massive ridge in the carpet, or the yellow warning sign. To be honest we were amazed that no-one hurt themselves. Lucky for all concerned!

Of course one does not simply walk into Warfare just to play games and chat. There is some serious shopping to be done! Purchases fell into two camps; for my 15mm 1930s "imagi-nation" civil war setting in bought the long awaited components of the British Intervention Field Force (BIFF), the UK's 1930s rapid reaction force aiming to bring peace and stability to a troubled region. Peter Pig infantry and field guns with PP, Zvezda and QRF transport. I'd hoped to get some Zvezda Matilda IIs but without exception these has all been sold on the Saturday (grrr!). BIFF's armoured support is therefore supplied by two A9 cruiser tanks from Skytrex (A9s look suitably whacky, IMHO).

The other big purchase was X Wing. yes, I took the plunge. More on this when I've had a chance to try the rules. But it loks like a lot of fun. Oooh yes!! 

Oh yes, almost forgot. Returned home to find the girls have got a third horse!!

Friday 16 November 2012


After a week that could be described as rather less successful than Napoleon's 1812 holiday to Moscow I will be enjoying a well-earned (IMHO) trip to Reading for Warfare, where I will be helping out with the "Wings of Glory" participation game run by Chris Haigh (aka "Boney10" on the Wings of Glory Aerodrome).  I'll be taking along my Adriatic seaplanes and CMBs, and Snoopy is likely to make an appearance too. If you are at the show drop by and say  "hi" and have a game :)

Contrary to popular belief I will NOT be doing any shopping, and in particular will NOT be purchasing lots of Peter Pig and Zvezda goodness to get my "British Intervention Field Force" (aka BIFF) established for my alt-1930s games. Honest.

Sunday 4 November 2012

Coming Back On Line (Slowly)

Mid September saw us move house from Bristol out into the country as we took up residence in deepest Gloucestershire. Where we now have a vineyard, two ponies and a horse box!

What we also have is the Berkeley Vale Wargames Club just a few miles away, and a lovely bunch of chaps they are too. They (or rather "we", as I've been warmly welcomed into the club) meets at the Tudor Arms pub in Slimbridge on Monday mights. So far I've enjoyed several colonial games (two Zulu, one Sudan) and an introduction to the excellent "Future War Commander" (which has scotched the plans I had to ditch my 6mm SF stuff). Anyway, as and when I unpack my own models from storage I'll be putting on some games of my own. I wonder where to start?.....

A bit of bad news on the Wings of War front. Our group playing at the Mall on Wednesdays has lost its home with the closure of Giardino's cafe. In the interim we christened the new wargames room here at home with a WoW night. the new room isn't as big as the old one, bit is wider and makes the table far easier to work around (we can even fit chairs). Here's the assembled team enjoying some early 1916 action over the Western Front

So, off to a slow but happy start at the new HQ. needless to say all the plans I established at the start of the year are in tatters, but that's the fun of wargaming, eh?