Monday, 19 November 2012

Warfare - the Aftermath

I had  a lovely time at Warfare this weekend. the Wings of Glory game went very well, I think. we ended up with three tables. one playing WW2, one playing WW1 and one information table displaying models, boxed sets and other game material. All three tables were busy throughout the day, and we hooked several potential new players, all of whom were directed towards the Caliver and Stafford Games stands where Wow goodies could be had, and also to the KR Multicase stand (as we were showcasing some of their products too).

Gameswise on the WW1 we started with a few actions set in the skies over the Adriatic, with Italian, Austrian and British sea planes in action. Some close fought battles, and some distinctive aircraft (plus an airship!). After lunch we moved to the Western Front and brought out the DH2s and Halberstadts from the Ares Series 5 releases. Again, some excellent actions, converts made to the cause and many aerial (and more general) wargaming conversations had. And we had the "joy" of being next to the carpet "tripping hazard" on the way in to the second hall, where punters regularly took a tumble either over the massive ridge in the carpet, or the yellow warning sign. To be honest we were amazed that no-one hurt themselves. Lucky for all concerned!

Of course one does not simply walk into Warfare just to play games and chat. There is some serious shopping to be done! Purchases fell into two camps; for my 15mm 1930s "imagi-nation" civil war setting in bought the long awaited components of the British Intervention Field Force (BIFF), the UK's 1930s rapid reaction force aiming to bring peace and stability to a troubled region. Peter Pig infantry and field guns with PP, Zvezda and QRF transport. I'd hoped to get some Zvezda Matilda IIs but without exception these has all been sold on the Saturday (grrr!). BIFF's armoured support is therefore supplied by two A9 cruiser tanks from Skytrex (A9s look suitably whacky, IMHO).

The other big purchase was X Wing. yes, I took the plunge. More on this when I've had a chance to try the rules. But it loks like a lot of fun. Oooh yes!! 

Oh yes, almost forgot. Returned home to find the girls have got a third horse!!


  1. The two games looked great and seemed to be pretty busy. I also admired your neat modified bases with the plastic dials..very ingenious.

    Well done!

  2. David

    Nice looking toys. Enjoy the new acquisitions (SciFi and equine)!