Sunday, 4 November 2012

Coming Back On Line (Slowly)

Mid September saw us move house from Bristol out into the country as we took up residence in deepest Gloucestershire. Where we now have a vineyard, two ponies and a horse box!

What we also have is the Berkeley Vale Wargames Club just a few miles away, and a lovely bunch of chaps they are too. They (or rather "we", as I've been warmly welcomed into the club) meets at the Tudor Arms pub in Slimbridge on Monday mights. So far I've enjoyed several colonial games (two Zulu, one Sudan) and an introduction to the excellent "Future War Commander" (which has scotched the plans I had to ditch my 6mm SF stuff). Anyway, as and when I unpack my own models from storage I'll be putting on some games of my own. I wonder where to start?.....

A bit of bad news on the Wings of War front. Our group playing at the Mall on Wednesdays has lost its home with the closure of Giardino's cafe. In the interim we christened the new wargames room here at home with a WoW night. the new room isn't as big as the old one, bit is wider and makes the table far easier to work around (we can even fit chairs). Here's the assembled team enjoying some early 1916 action over the Western Front

So, off to a slow but happy start at the new HQ. needless to say all the plans I established at the start of the year are in tatters, but that's the fun of wargaming, eh?


  1. Hi Dave,

    Welcome back old chap! The room looks splendid and the attendant company poised for action.

    All the best,


  2. David
    Great to see you back!


  3. David, I'm glad to see you're getting settled in and joining up with a new group. I'm looking forward to reading about your future plans!

  4. Glad your back, and the war room looks lovely!