Sunday, 13 June 2021

A Nice Weekend

 On the whole this has been a pretty good weekend. We moved all of Laura's stuff out of her flat at Bath Uni so she's home for the summer now. We introduced Domino to his new friend Herbert today and the two boys really hit it off - full on gallops around the field for ages :) It was lovely seeing them so happy together.

A good chat with Bob Blanchett in Australia on future plans for the NWS and other stuff, followed by painting up around 120 Chinese 13th century warships in 1/2400 - more on these later.

In the afternoon (once I'd enjoyed three rounds of BTCC from Snetterton) I ran a game of "Those Who Seek Death", my new Asian naval warfare fleet action rules. These are pretty much done now and the game was about testing some final tweaks on ship stats and checking exactly what info I needed on the QRS. Another game courtesy of 3D printing, all the models on table were designs I'd created and printed. The game was delayed a while by the presence of a sleepy Giant Military Cat (aka Scotty), but once he had wandered off to find some supper the game commenced, the Koreans doing a good job of holding off a Japanese fleet whilst their own supply convoy made it to reinforce their shore defences near Okpo.

The weekend topped off with some quality pony and alpaca time, then ciders on the patio, a lovely sunset and watching the bats fly round the house for a while. Now to bed and maybe some big news coming later next week.....

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

A Binding Resolution*

 I've not posted much recently but I've been busy. apart from a load of new ships for "Those Who Seek Death" I've printed off some badly-needed APC support for the UN troops in my AK47 collection. The first are a trio of Dutch YP-408s, a vehicle I've always liked - it would look fine in a science fiction film (and I might indeed print a few more for my 15mm sci fi collection).  The model is from the prolific Mike Bergman on Thingiverse.

The others are a trio of Swedish "White Elephant" M42 by RobC1956, again on Thingiverse. These are used in the Congo during the civil war so they'll go nicely with the Katangan M8s I worked on recently. I have another three printed which will end up in the ONU camouflage scheme used on combat operations (more M8s needed, this time for the UN, and some M3 Scout Cars too)


*Whenever I hear about the UN I am reminded of Tom Cruise's best role as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. Go on Youtube to see what I mean.....


Saturday, 15 May 2021

INWarD V - 6th August - Warning Order

D'you hear there? This is advance warning that the 5th International Naval Wargaming Day, INWarD V, takes place on August 6th 2021, and with a weekend following on just behind that means its an International Naval Wargaming Weekend :)
INWarD is the day when naval wargamers all around the world celebrate the birth of Fred T Jane, father of naval wargaming, with games around the world - hopefully F2F where the present crisis allows. So get your thinking caps on, look to run a game or two on the day or over the weekend, recruit and convert a few of your land-based wargaming chums and post your BATREPs here, on your blog, your favourite wargaming website and elsewhere.

Monday, 3 May 2021

Those Who Seek Death (2)

 I'm a bit behind with my blogging just now for various reasons, so here is the first "catchup". I've finished my first fleets for "Those Who Seek Death" so I can at last get rid of the cardboard counters that I've used for the last year or so and play with some decent models :)

These are all 3D printed models in 1/2400 and are enough to give me 2 or three squadrons of "regular" ships with Ataka Bune for the Japanese and Panokseon for the Korean fleets plus four "great ships" - the rules treat large warships such as the O Atake Bune and special ships such as the Geobukseon in distinct ways. 

I also made up three stands of Junks to represent transports or civilian shipping, these might also form the kernel of some Chinese fleets in the future.

Now that I have these sorted I'm looking at another "print run" in a week or two that will just about double the number of Panokseon stands that I have, and will also introduce an earlier variety of Ataka Bune and the smaller Seki Bune.

Wednesday, 21 April 2021

"Those Who Seek Death......."

 Latest models out of the paint shop - a set of "proof of principle" bases representing Korean and Japanese ships for my Asian fleet action rules, "Those Who Seek Death" which are coming soon. I did all my playtesting with cardboard counters so its nice to have some 3d models now to use instead. The models are 3D prints scaled at around 1/2400 (but they may well be commercially available soon as part of MT Miniatures' 1/1200 range)

Anyway, I'm happy with these so I'll print up enough models to do another couple of dozen bases the next time I'm able. 

Monday, 19 April 2021

Mad Wet Max - Jet Skis

 Its been a while since I did anything new for "Mad Wet Max", but last weekend some kind soul posted a set of 3d files for boats and jetskis in the Facebook "Gaslands" group. Jetskis are something I've been wanting to add for a while so the files were downloaded and a set printed off over the weekend. Painting is just done. Now all I need is to work up some rules for them :)

Sunday, 18 April 2021

More Galleys

 I had a rush of blood to the head last week and knocked up some Phoenician galleys in 1/2400 for use with my "Mare Nostrum" fleet action rules. The models were based on the extensive series I created for Salamis. I made three variants of bases so as to give myself some variation. 

Apologies for the shonky photo quality :)

I've also managed to get the settings on my Elegoo printer just about right for these. Printing on my old Photon flat on the build plate used to result in vertically compressed models, but these have come out just right. I've also added a few tricks to make the models more resilient which I hope will sand them in good stead.
I also made up some files for pentekonters, but alas ran out of printing time so they'll have to wait

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Kia Ora, Muddyfunsters!

 I've said it before, I'll say it again, but one of the joys for me of having a 3D printer is that I can make up cool weird stuff . This latest collection in 15mm was kicked off because I liked the look of Mike Bergman's New Zealand pattern carrier on Thingiverse, and grew at a rapid pace to create a New Zealand force for a hypothetical "Invasion of New Zealand" campaign. The back story I've thrown together justifies a variety of unusual vehicles on the basis of "I like that and I want to have the opportunity to stick it on a wargames table" so we have things like the Schofield Tank (I have a Bob Semple as well somewhere), Australian SP mortars and 2pdrs on carrier chassis, a variety of Marmon Herrington armoured cars, 2pdr ATGs and Austin Tilly cars and pickups which will take the place of jeeps. Not to mention NZ pattern carriers both tracked and wheeled.

Their Japanese opponents are all done, at least the vehicles are. All I need to do now is paint up all the XIV Army / ANZAC and Japanese figures that I bought at Salute about 15 years ago :) 

Sunday, 11 April 2021

NKL-16s finished

 My latest aerosan models are finished. The NKL-16 came out well I think and a couple have been finished in Soviet livery. I'm thinking I'll be printing some more of these and some of the smaller NKL-26s next time I'm able so that I can build a small Finnish force as well. 

For those that might want to print their own I've put these and other models up on Wargaming3D:

NKL-16 Aerosan 15mm / 1:100 - Wargaming3D

Kabunza Shipyard Archives - Wargaming3D

Now that I've got these done I've been challenged to make a model of the 02SS aerosan "tank", which should be an interesting project:

And also the smaller GAZ-98 (which looks like a LOT of fun!)

Alas today I also demonstrated to myself the fragility of these resin models as one of the NKL-26s took a tumble and literally exploded into pieces. I've managed to salvage two skis but the rest of the model was trashed. So I think I'll also be mounting them on some bases to give them added protection.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

Oh no, its the AK47 Rozzers

 Whilst working on a project that needed some background info on Marmon Herrington armoured cars I came across a piece describing how a few were adapted for use by the Rhodesian and South African police after WW2. Of course this got me thinking about AK47 games and 3D modelling proved to be the answer again as I had some of Mike Bergman's excellent 1/100 models on file. 

After a bit of playing around in MS 3D Builder I had this:

And a couple of hours later the printer had thrown out these:

The only thing I was unsure about was whether the top of the cupola was closed or open. I went for closed but on reflection that probably wasn't correct. But if so its not a big job to amend the 3D model and print some more.

Something a bit different for our next AK47 games at Berkeley Vale, assuming we ever get to play again!

Friday, 9 April 2021

More Aerosans

 Having been chastised by friends for only doing a single type of aerosan I had a go at modelling one of the larger types, the NKL-16. Its a bit more rounded than the smaller NKL-26, and I had more fun adding recessed windows, side rails and other details. The model is in the printer now, waiting to see how it comes out.....

Thursday, 8 April 2021

Aerosans Done

 I printed out the aerosans a few days ago but then other stuff got in the way. I've just finished them now. For wargames quality vehicles I think they have come out just fine. I need to find some crew figures and probably some clear plastic disks to represent spinning propellers, but for not I'm happy with them.

Saturday, 3 April 2021


 So, a chance comment on one of the FB groups this morning had me thinking about Aerosans for my 15mm Winter Skirmish collection. As a result a carefully planned morning was completely diverted into some impromptu 3D modelling. Here's the result - hoping these come off the printer OK in a few hours :)

Not brilliantly detailed (I can paint on what I need), hopefully good enough for the wargames table.

Friday, 2 April 2021

ACW Side Wheelers

 Having worked up a set of 3D models for stern wheel ACW transports I then decided to do the same for side wheelers. This part of the plan was initiated by a chat I had online with a friend in the US who is working on a Mississippi paddle steamer racing game, hence the first ships I made were inspired by steamers such as the Robert E Lee and Natchez, although greatly simplified - all being well they will be making an appearance in his game in due course. The last one I created was a side wheel tinclad gunboat, using the superstructure and casemate of the stern wheeler as a basis. 

Having sorted those I was asked whether they'd work in 1/600. An obvious question and one I should have asked myself since I'm as short of transports in that scale as I am in 1/1200. Step one of finding out was to simply print the 1/1200 stern wheel gunboat in the larger scale - looked good, but the lack of planking detail in the deck was beginning to show. A few hours later I'd figured out how to create a decent planked deck surface and so I applied it to one of the stern wheel transports and the sidewheel gunboat and printed them out last night. They've been in the paint shop and I'm very pleased with the results. 

So now, at very little expense other than a number of hours working 3D packages, printing time and a bottle of resin I have - to be honest - more ACW transports than I know what to do with :) Not that it will stop me tinkering with the models and creating more variants :D

If anyone wants models for themselves I've put them up in a couple of sets on Wargame Vault.

Monday, 29 March 2021

ACW Stern Wheelers

 A few weeks ago I was looking through my 1/1200 ACW naval collection and lamenting on the lack of stern wheel transports that I had. That and a chance conversation with friends on Facebook sent me scurrying to Meshmixer and Microsoft 3D Builder to experiment. A few weeks later and I had seven new models ready to print covering a variety of types including a timberclad gunboat. I just finished painting them up this afternoon.

I also had a go at some unusual types of single wheel ferries. I recall seeing models and pictures of examples in some of the museums we visited during the NWS Memphis-New Orleans holiday of the late 1990s. I'd always fancied having a  few in my collection but up until now I'd not had the chance to do anything about it

I posted these on Facebook earlier and after a few requests I decided to put the stern wheelers up on Wargame Vault if anyone could do with some "targets" for their ACW naval games. The set on VW has the seven different models. 

American Civil War Stern Wheelers 1/1200 - Long Face Games | Wargame Vault

Now to find out if they scale up to 1/600 (I think they'll need additional detailing to work well though). Oh, and some sidewheel passenger ships just entered the paint shop :)

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Flatiron Gunboats

 Having had a go at some Victorian gunboats a few weeks ago I thought I'd try my hand at some similar but different types. I decided to knock up some "flatiron" gunboats - so called because they resembled the old style irons used in the period. I've created a couple of types, one short and stumpy, the other a longer type, but both characterised by a single large forward firing gun.

The models were put together in Meshmixer and Microsoft 3D builder (I really must start to learn a more swept up package) and scaled to 1/1200. I'm pretty happy with them and they should be seeing action later this year in my Victorian imagi-nations campaign.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

First Turtles, Now a Tortoise

 One of the nice things about havibg a 3D printer is that of you have a sudden urge to have a model of something odd for your wargames table there's a fair chance that someone will have created a 3D model file for it. Last weekend I had a sudden urge to make a Tortoise tank, probably because I caught sight of it mentioned on the Bovington Tank Museum Facebook page. Sur enough there was a free STL file on Thingiverse, so now I have a Tortoise in 15mm :)

Friday, 12 February 2021

Turtle Ships - Fleet Action Style!

Having got my regular Imjin War rules done and dusted I've been thinking about a "fleet action" set, after seeing various comments about the new Tumbling Dice range in 1/2400 and how they would work well on bases with multiple ships.  It should be simple enough to meld "Inferno and Glory" with the ship stats and period detail of "At The Height of Battle" and so I've started testing, although I am likely to use the more "free form" approach to squadron formations in "Lord of the Sea" as it should allow me to better represent the fighting style of the Korean and Japanese fleets.

To get an idea of what they'd look like I've been playing with some 3D models in combinaton on 40mm bases, and I quite like the look of them. I expect the TD models will look similarly nice when mounted that way. 

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

All At Sea, Victorian Style

 For some strange reason I had a sudden desire to knock up some Victorian ironclads last week (nothing to do with "the Plan", one of those spur of he moment decisions. After a few days playing on Meshmixer I had knocked up three new models. Last year I created fleets for the Russo Turkish war in 1/1200 using some 3d models I bought on Wargame Vault. The models needed a lot of work to turn them into reasonable representation of the actual ships, and in so doing I created a library of funnels, turrets, masts and other fittings as well as hulls from which I could create new ships. At that time I used those pieces to build the auxiliary fleets of both sides (so plenty of steamers and paddle gunboats). This time I was looking for something bigger.

There are four new classes, three turret ships and a monitor. The turret ships are based on HMVS Cerberus, HMS Inflexible and a lengthened Inflexible type (mainly because I got the length wrong the first time). The fourth is a Royal Navy monitor. Whilst reading the new Helion book on HMS Captain I came across a section that briefly discussed RN plans for armoured ships for coastal defence (and a possible war in North America). The passage hinted at the preparation of designs for turret monitors similar to the US Passaic and Canonicus classes, so I thought I'd have a go at knocking one up. The design takes a "traditional" US monitor arrangement but with a Coles turret and with a deckhouse (I wanted something that looked distinct from a US type). The idea being that the deckhouse provided some cabins and other spaces in a lightly built open structure that was sacrificial in action, the engines, magazines, crew accommodation etc. below the armoured deck. I was quite pleased with the result.

None of these are true representations of their subjects (and in the case of the monitor of course, entirely conjectural), But they will see sterling service in the naval "imagi-nations" campaign setting that I am slowly working up, alongside the other hypothetical 1870s ironclads that I created when printing out the Turkish fleet. 

More on that project another day....

Saturday, 6 February 2021

Viper MkIIIs

 I've just finished the latest additions to my Bbattlestar Galactica collection, a brace if Viper MkIIIs from the "Blood and Chrome" miniseries. These are 3d prints from Thingiverse, modelled by nic3pu.

I'm broadly pleased with these but worried that they my be a bit too dark, so I'm printing a 3rd to try in a lighter grey.  But for now these will do.