Monday 16 May 2011

A Nice Big Dollop of Enthusiasm

I took the plunge last weekend and decided to see if I could cure my lack of figure painting enthusiasm. The target was my pile of 15mm Peter Pig SCW (prompted by having sorted out a few odd vehicles). Lo and behold the pile of lead Piggy goodness (plus some admittedly easy painting schemes) seems to have had the desired effect. As a reult there is a unit of finished Nationalist infantry, a small "Italian Legion" and some high command stands awaiting varnishing, and a unit of Moroccan troops well on the way. I had hoped to sort out all the SCW stuff over the next week but a work trip and a naval wargaming weekend in deepest Devon mean it'll be next week now before I get to do any more. Anyway, once the Moroccans are done there's only one more unit of nationalist regulars to do and a few "odds and sods". No pics just now as I'm rushing to pack before "wheels up" for the trip to Spadeadam, but hopefully next week. Oh, and a battle report on my escapades as commander of the German naval forces in the Philippines in 1898 as part of Stuart Barnes Watson's naval campaign!