Monday 23 March 2020

SADF Completed At last!

Many years ago, QRF released a rather nice collection of modern South African armoured vehicles. I had always been rather fond of the Ratel series of wheeled MICVs and, being an AK47 player these seemed like a natural thing to get. I also got a few Casspir APCs, some and some Buffels. When I git them home from whatever show I went to I had a look and crikey those Casspirs looked like a nightmare to build!I put them in a box to think about later......

Now, many years later they are done. I a extremely pleased a how they have turned out and if the world wasn't closed right now I'd be quite keen to get a game of AK47 up and running so they could have a day out. The QRF models have been joined by a G6 Rhino SPG which I found on Thingiverse. Not in the photos are a trio of 3D printed Staghounds (I didn't realise they still used them into the late 1970s at least) and a trio of Peter Pig Centurions which are filling in as Oliphants.

Monday 9 March 2020

Steve Ward, Rest in Peace

I heard today from Martin Goddard that Steve Ward passed away at the end of 2019. I got to know Steve through our mutual love of coastal forces modelling and wargaming. He published my first set of naval rules, "Schnellboot", which went on to become "Action Stations", and I ended up designing several of the masters for his 1/600 coastal range, and also a few for his 15mm WW2 range (both ranges now sadly lost to the mists of time) – Oh, and one of the series of starships that he created. 
Liz and I had several very happy visits to Steve's house in Wolverhampton, it was always a pleasure to spend time with Steve and Janice. Alas when he sold the SDD range we drifted and lost touch, it is so sad to hear of his passing