Monday, 9 March 2020

Steve Ward, Rest in Peace

I heard today from Martin Goddard that Steve Ward passed away at the end of 2019. I got to know Steve through our mutual love of coastal forces modelling and wargaming. He published my first set of naval rules, "Schnellboot", which went on to become "Action Stations", and I ended up designing several of the masters for his 1/600 coastal range, and also a few for his 15mm WW2 range (both ranges now sadly lost to the mists of time) – Oh, and one of the series of starships that he created. 
Liz and I had several very happy visits to Steve's house in Wolverhampton, it was always a pleasure to spend time with Steve and Janice. Alas when he sold the SDD range we drifted and lost touch, it is so sad to hear of his passing 


  1. Now I fully understand how my grandparents felt, as they slowly lost friends and acquaintances, one by one. They said it was kind of like slowly spending a very limited number of gold coins...

  2. Very sad to be losing friends and stalwarts.