Monday 23 March 2020

SADF Completed At last!

Many years ago, QRF released a rather nice collection of modern South African armoured vehicles. I had always been rather fond of the Ratel series of wheeled MICVs and, being an AK47 player these seemed like a natural thing to get. I also got a few Casspir APCs, some and some Buffels. When I git them home from whatever show I went to I had a look and crikey those Casspirs looked like a nightmare to build!I put them in a box to think about later......

Now, many years later they are done. I a extremely pleased a how they have turned out and if the world wasn't closed right now I'd be quite keen to get a game of AK47 up and running so they could have a day out. The QRF models have been joined by a G6 Rhino SPG which I found on Thingiverse. Not in the photos are a trio of 3D printed Staghounds (I didn't realise they still used them into the late 1970s at least) and a trio of Peter Pig Centurions which are filling in as Oliphants.

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