Thursday 27 September 2018


Fifteen years ago I bought a large box of battered and broken 1/600 WW2 warships. I was putting together the moderls for the NWS 60th anniversary refight of North Cape and the wrecks were  a useful source of spare parts for other models that I was renovating. In amongst the wrecks was a half decent model of Manxman, the fast minelayer from WW2. I thought that would be an ideal model to do up to go with my 1/600 coastal forces models.

Fast forward 15 years (and two house moves) and the model has been languishing in a box all that time, waiting for her refit. I came across the model by chance and decided now was the time. A quick application of hacksaw to the lower hull to make a waterline model, some rugged wire masts as befits a wargaming model that may encounter ham-fists, a scenic base and a rummage through the spares box to replace a few missing items and she was ready for the paint shop. I applied a a representative disruptive camouflage scheme, a light black/brown wash, dry brushing of the ship and the sea, and some additional wake and all finished :)

Saturday 15 September 2018

Rory McCreadie

This morning I learnt of the death of one of my dear naval wargaming friends, Rory McCreadie. A dedicated age-of-sail gamer as well as an authority on medical practice at sea at those times, Rory had been ill with cancer for a while and was working on a "goodbye" in the form of a Trafalgar refight. Facebook friends had seen his collection grow over the last few months and earlier this week his collection of ships for the game was completed. Alas, Rory succumbed to his illness this weekend and so he won't get to see his models in action. But the intention is to continue with the game in Poole in his honour, which will make this year's Trafalgar day a very, very special one indeed.

Fair winds and following seas Rory, we will miss you.

Saturday 1 September 2018

Scallop Wars!

Readers in the UK and possibly farther afield will have been aware of a fracas off the Normandy coast between British and French scallop fishermen in an incident described as the "Scallop Wars". Of course this was too good an opportunity to miss for the creation of a special scenario for my "Cod War" rules, and so a couple of days back I posted this on Wargame Vault. Its just a bit of fun, but watch out for updated versions if and when the story develops.....

Find it here (its a free download)

"Scallop War" - Wargames Vault

"Cod War " - Wargames Vault