Due to a slight cock-up in an order from an online supplier I ended up with an extra DH4, so I decided to try a repaint. I've built several Skytrex kits, but (apart from odd touch-ups) not tried repaint of a WoW model. Looking through candidate paint jobs I decided to go for the Kiel canal recce scheme. Here's how it turned out.

The conversion required a little bit more than just a repaint, as the aircraft in question was fitted with a couple of Lewis guns over the wing in a style similar to the SE5a. I scratch-built a couple of guns from plastic rod and slices from a spare 15mm 105mm howitzer (!) and added them to the model. They look pretty good (IMHO) when you view the model in "real life", less so in the photos due I guess to the pics effectively amplifying the scale. On reflection, if doing again I'd model the reloading rails as well and probably use wire rather than plastic. maybe an upgrade in the future?

Roundels as you'd expect, from the excellent "Dom's Decals" range.

The real aircraft had a few more differences from the standard WoW model, such as a different exhaust confuguration (over wing), a single Vickers gun on the engine cowling, and twin Lewis guns aft. If I'd been feeling a little more brave I'd have tried disassembling the model and making the changes. Maybe next time.....