Sunday 30 January 2011


I managed to ferret away a few odd minutes for some painting today. As well as working on Laura's Tigers I managed to have a crack at a WoW repaint. The subject is the "Stropp" Albatros , which currently resides in the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington. I bought a "Jentsch" Albatros at Penarth yesterday as this seems to be the best point from which to start. Here's the result:

Now, the finished article isn't ideal. I decided to hand paint the markings rather than using decals for the crossesand they came out OK, but aren't brilliant. I suspect that the model may be subject to some "sprucing up" over the next few months.

The astute readers will notice that the model isn't an exact match to the aircraft in the Smithsonian. in particular mine has purple and green camouflage on the wings, whereas the Smithsonian one has lozenges. In doing background reading it transpires that the Smithsonian machine is an amalgam of three aircraft, and the original wings that matched the fuselage were painted in purple and green.

There also seems to be some debate over the colour of the spinner - some say green, some say yellow, so I decided to take the easy option and leave it as in the model.

Anyway, model finished - I just need to find time to take to the skies!


  1. Bet you were pleased you did have to paint the lozenges! :-)

  2. True, but then again there is a WoW mini with lozenges on the wing and I could have used that asd a starting point instead. However, the Jentsch model works for the presumed historical arrangement, lus is a better point of departure for the fuselage as well :)

  3. Nice work on the plane. I've always liked the purple-green camo pattern, probably because I can actually paint it (although there are some good decals available now). Your comment about not looking exactly like the museum version is interesting, since it seems like a lot of museums (especially those that haven't updated their collections recently) might have aircraft paint schemes that are not completely accurate.