Saturday, 5 February 2011

RIP Tigsie

Some sad news here yesterday, as Tigsie, my lovely old cat of 14 years, passed away. We got Tigsie on Election Day in 1997 along with a ginger tabby girlie cat, so we called them Tony and Cherie. Tony's name didn't stick though and he became Tigger, or Tigsie very quickly.

Tigsie as a kitten

He was a soppy old stick. If I'd had a bad day at work or whatever and was having a mope on the bed or the sofa he'd always come and snuggle up to cheer me up.

Tigsie asleep with Trubsie (our second cat) many years ago

Unlike the Sudan Kitties he had no desire to eat my Egyptian Lancers, nor (like my first cat, many years ago) a taste for the topmasts and rigging of 1/1200 Napoleonic ships.

Tigsie asleep (there's a theme here)

We shall all miss him.


  1. Sorry to hear about Tigsie. He was a beautiful cat.

  2. Sorry to hear about Tigsie. Not really been a cat person until we got the two we have now and found them to be wonderful (albeit occassionally mercenary) characters...

  3. We get very close to our furry friends - still miss my old boy and it's been three years now... my sympathies....

  4. Sorry to hear that David. With a house full of dogs n' cats, we always live in fear of losing them.

  5. Hi DM,

    It is always sad to lose a furry friend - especially when they are always around for you. My Persian, Misty, always used to park himself across the back of my office chair when I was on the PC and I quickly learned NOT to reverse over him. Even now I am still double checking behind me every time I use the PC and want to get out of the chair!

    Gone but never forgotten and I am sure that it will be same with Tigsie.

    Best wishes to all,