Sunday 19 April 2020

A Night at the Movies

Some more Photon-generated new models from the last three weeks, this time inspired by a couple of my favourite war movies. I'll not say what they are, they should be obvious to most readers :)

Saturday 18 April 2020

Indefatigable and Anson for "Sails of Glory"

You could be forgiven from the paucity of posts here that I've been quiet during the "lockdown". Far from it! For a start I'm working full time, mostly at home, and my work days seem to be longer than when life was office based. But I'm also busy 3D printing and painting in the quiet hours, and I'm VERY behind schedule in posting pictures of my new bits and pieces here.

To start to make amends, here are a couple of 1/1000 prints for "Sails of Glory", The ships are razee 44 gun heavy frigates , Anson and the renowned Indefatigable, famous in ral life as one of the ships commanded by Sir Edward Pellew, and in fiction as being one of the ships on which a young Horatio Hornblower served. I've always been fascinated by the razees so when  saw that Simon Mann had posted a suitable model on Wargaming3d there was only one course of action (link to the model here)

I printed a couple, one for Indy, the other for Anson, and found some suitable ship cards and mats on the Sails of Glory Anchorage (you can find them here). I was wary as to how the sails would come out but I was pleased with the results. A couple of rather nice models I think, now awaiting the lowering of the quarantine flag before they can go forth into action.