Monday, 4 July 2022

Pansarbil 405

 Last week a kind person posted a picture of a Swedish-built Pansarbil 405 armoured car on the "AK47" Facebook group. Its an unusual looking vehicle and I decided I needed something like that for my AK47 armies but there didn't seem to be any 15mm models of STL files around, so I made my own :)

The original

The 15mm version 

It was a fun model to create. I'm thinking of putting it up on my Wargaming3D page when I'm completely happy with it.

Monday, 27 June 2022

INWarD 2022 - 6th August

This year the International Naval Wargames Day falls on Saturday 6th August. If you've not been around for an INWarD before, this is a day where naval wargamers around the world play a naval game at home, at the club etc. and then we all throw in our experiences on social media, wargaming websites etc. to promote the naval side of the hobby. Have fun and sink a battleship or two!

Tuesday, 14 June 2022


This week I've been up to something a little different. I've been with the Waterbird Project on Lake Windermere, a replica of Britain's first seaplane which flew for the first time on Windermere in 1911. The last couple of days have been the culmination of over ten years work on the part of the project team, which led to a successful first flight (several short "hops") of the replica yesterday, and then a much more successful and longer flight over the lake today. Well done to everybody involved!!

Sunday, 9 January 2022

Medieval Cogs and Galleys

 Thanks to a comment by Jim Jackaman on Facebook I have already succumbed to my fierst distraction that isn't in "the plan". I've created a set of 1/2400 STL files covering medievalcogs and galleys on 30mm square bases for use with my "Lord of the Sea" medieval rules. I've put these up as a free download on Wargame Vault for anyone who is interested. There are ten different bases covering small, medium and large cogs, and galleys.

You can find the models here:

Medieval Cogs and Galleys 1/2400 - Long Face Games | Wargame Vault

Saturday, 1 January 2022

The Plan for 2022


The Plan for 2022

Hi everyone, and welcome to 2022! I hope its going to be a better year for everyone than the last two. This year I’m going to try to be a bot more realistic in my planning, so this is going to be a shorter list and in previous years.

Narrow Seas -  I will get the campaign system finished along with modules for the North Sea and the Channel. I will also aim to get at least one update of the Data Annex issued

Dahlgren and Columbiad – I will finish the Triple Alliance scenario pack, as well as an update to the ship data tables for the ACW (I’ve already added about 20 new ships but have others to stat up). I’ll also work up some more ACW ironclad and gunboat 3D models now that I have a decent system to do that.

“Bumper Boats” – a fun set of rules for ancient galley games to use with my 1/300(ish) galley models. This will just be a private project I think and not entirely serious.


And, at this stage, that is it.

I fully expect that unplanned stuff will crash in to the programme (as I start i'm setting up prints for a 1/100 Bedford portee for my hypothetical "British Intervention Field Force" - see much earlier posts, and  an Australian Centurion AVRE for Vietnam.....)_ , and may even become the main programme. I’ll also be putting together various scenarios and other bits and pieces for my existing rules, and I’m sure my 1/1200 Chinese ships will feature in there somewhere as MT’s models are released. So maybe some more medieval Asian naval action.

Oh, a couple more things. I seem to have become the lead Admin for the Naval Wargames (Historical) group on Facebook (I guess in these days of social media its a kind of successor to the Naval Wargames Society), which should be a fun "job". And I really want to get back into playing F2F games. I really don't like playing "miniatures" games using software. Hopefully covid will allow this to happen. I also have a small project for the 2022 Doncaster "Wings of Glory" weekend in September to finish - model aeroplanes are done so I need to finish the "terrain" and the rules variant for the game.