Monday 27 June 2022

INWarD 2022 - 6th August

This year the International Naval Wargames Day falls on Saturday 6th August. If you've not been around for an INWarD before, this is a day where naval wargamers around the world play a naval game at home, at the club etc. and then we all throw in our experiences on social media, wargaming websites etc. to promote the naval side of the hobby. Have fun and sink a battleship or two!

Tuesday 14 June 2022


This week I've been up to something a little different. I've been with the Waterbird Project on Lake Windermere, a replica of Britain's first seaplane which flew for the first time on Windermere in 1911. The last couple of days have been the culmination of over ten years work on the part of the project team, which led to a successful first flight (several short "hops") of the replica yesterday, and then a much more successful and longer flight over the lake today. Well done to everybody involved!!