Tuesday 4 January 2011

Plans for 2011

Now that I've managed to get the weargames room up and running I thought I'd better plan my activities over the coming year so as not to waste the opportunity. Planning should also give me some focus, and (for a laugh) will give me something to look back on when I'm writing my entries for January 2012, to see just how well I've done :) Focus is good because, as Lord Sugar reminded us at the start of each episode of the BBC hit comedy show, The Apprentice - "we are living in tough economic times"** - so one of my objectives is minimal expenditure. That said, I reserve the right to splurge every now and then :)

So, without further ado, here is my outline plan for the year.

1) 15mm ECW - Peter Colbeck got me in to this some years ago with a DBA variant. I have a couple of decent armies, but I bought a Peter Pig Scottish army a couple of years ago that has languished unpainted ever since. I will aim to paint and base this army, and get some games in.

2) 28mm Napoleonic skirmish - Nigel Cox was responsibel for this one. I've picked up a  few Perry and Victix boxes when I've seen them going cheap. I will aim to get this project at least underway (although at present I find the idea of assembling and painting the bloody things quite daunting!)

3) 15mm SCW - A Peter pig based project, I have a dozen packs or so for both sides still to paint up. I will get these blokes sorted, and then look to expand the scope to a hypothetical nation's civil war set sometime in the 1920s and 30s.

4) Coastal - been collecting 1/700 modern and 1/1200 WW2 models over the last few years, now (again) I need to get on and paint them

5) the Room - OK, so this probably should have been #1, but I need to sort out the piles of "stuff" around the room and to declutter. Perhaps a good excuse for a table at the Lincombe Barn tabletop sale?

6) ACW Naval - for some reason 've been shifting from 1/1200 to 1/600. heaven knows why since my 6x4 table is far better suited to the smaller models. Probably just because the larger models are more imposing. Anyway, I plan to complete at least half of my unmade 1/600 ACW naval models (and all of my remaining 1/1200 models) this year.

And thats it. It would be nice to crack on with my Armada project (lots of old airfix models in the loft to build), my various SF projects and all sorts of other stuff, but if I dealt with them what would I have to do next year? :) that said, I hope there will be a few games of Wings of War, Fire and Fury and some 6mm Napoleonics, as well as a bit of DBA. Oh, and "Project Alpha".......

** readers may be interested to know that I was invited to audition for The Apprentice back in 2008 - alas the date they gave me was the same day I was flying out to Auckland, so I had to pass :(


  1. I have a huge stack of 1/1200 WW2 coastal stuff too - from MTBs to SBoot, UBoot, Merchies and a few destroyers.

    In fact I was collecting them when I met you and to my shame I STILL havent got a lick of paint on any of them!

  2. Looks like some fun projects for the year. I really like gaming with the 1/600-700 scale ships for ACW, World War II and moderns. The scale is a little large for some games, but ships really look good.

    Looking forward to learning more about Project Alpha.