Tuesday 17 August 2021

Merchants for "Sails of Glory"

Some more models that I printed a while back but only just got around to finishing. These are a couple of examples of Henry Turner's HMS Bounty model rescaled to 1/1000 and then shrunk a bit more so as to print a medium and a small merchant.

Bases are made from laser cut MDF and Perspex, sourced by Chris Haigh (aka "Capn Duff") on the Sails of Glory Anchorage, and the ship cards drawn from the anchorage files area.

Well done to Scotty for getting in the way of the third photo :)

There is something unusual about these prints - which is that they are one piece prints. I assesmbled the hull, bowsprit, masts and sails in Microsoft 3D Builder and then printed as a single entity, just to see if it was possible. Setting and removing the supports was "fun" but ultimately successful. I may give it another go with a larger ship to see if having more space to work with helps. Painting is also "fun", but overall I'm happy. Both need to have their paint jobs completed but I wanted to get these up sooner rather than later to show to someone who was interetsed.


  1. They came up a treat David. Really well painted too (can't see where there's more to go myself). Printed in one go? Amazing.
    Regards, James

  2. They look fantastic, David, I'm insanely jealous. I am lamenting the lack of an ST in the SoG lineup and I don't remotely have the skills to do what this chap did. https://www.sailsofglory.org/showthread.php?4995-The-Santissima-Trinidad-Build/page2&s=bf3b505497811d19bc1cf4f092639ba6