Saturday, 9 April 2011

Albatros W.4

A chance posting on the Wings of War Aerodrome a while back got me thinking about making a pair of Albatrs W.4 seaplane fighters. These will go nicely with my W.29s for my air/sea game using the planes and the CMBs made previously.

The W.4s are based on a pair of F-Toys Albatris D.IIIs. The wing tips are clipped and squared off, and the tailplanes replaced with shorter, but wider surfaces. The obvious additions are the floats. I'm not entirely happy with these. They are carved from a pair of wooden coffee stirrers and I think they are OK, but if I have time I might try to come up with something that looks  a little better.

The colour schemes are fairly generic rather than trying to match a particular example. the lozenges on the upper wings were done using some offcut decals from the W.29s.

Currently on the painting table - a captured Br.14 and a pile of 1/600 ironclads which will perhaps appear here tomorrow.


  1. They look good. Nicely built and great little conversions

  2. They are really very nice - make sure they're available for the photoshoot when we get around to it!

  3. yes very nice, good job.