Saturday, 18 January 2020

Incredible Voyages

So I have this plan for the year, and every now and then it gets derailed a bit as an idea pops into my head and takes over.

This has just happened.

Just after New Year I was tidying away some of my "Stingray" models whilst also trawling Thingiverse for some bits and pieces for my AK47 collection. I stumbled across a rather nice model of the submarine "Hunley"; that combined with the "Stingray" stuff nearby got me thinking about a Victorian sci fi submarine game. That then reminded me that I had some of the old Takara "Ships of the World" series models of the "Resurgam 2" .After some more hunting I had another clutch of 3D models which I started splicing, then printing, then painting, and then the rules amendments to "Stingray" and before you (or I) knew it "Incredible Voyages" was on the table.

The setting assumes a clandestine underwater "cold war going hot" involving scientists and engineers of the Great Powers between whom there is growing conflict for supremacy beneath the waves, but with a shadowy anarchist movement backed by hidden financiers, and evil scientists with their own agendas.

American "Hunley 2" Class boats

Anarchist rams and a gunboat, based on stolen "Hunley" drawings

A trio of Italian "Delfino" class submarines

The French "Requin" class 

The Royal Navy's "Resurgam 2" class

Marines for sea bed operations

The graphics design team hard at work!

Weapons such as torpedoes (wire guided, based on the Ley torpedo of the 1880s) and straight running steam-powered missiles, as well as compressed gas guns and chemical weapons such as corrosive inks and electrical discharge weapons (both developed by the evil scientific committee from generic experiments on undersea fauna - some of which has escaped into the environment) figure prominently but not too seriously. This is VSF after all!


  1. Love the models...where are they from?

    1. Mostly 3D prints from Thingiverse. I've made some modifications too - the "Hunley" is rather shorter than the original, and the anarchist boats use the aft end of the Hunley merged with the bow and then with the forward weapons added.

  2. wow, what rules? this just falls into that "Odd" basket that floats (mmm sinks) my boat - any links or stl shares etc appriciated

  3. The rules I'm using are based on my "Stingray" participation game that was at Salute last Spring (and a load of other shows in the UK over the last few years). I'm going to post the models I made on Thingivers, and also post links to the models that are already there that I use

  4. Wacky but wonderful. As always the Italians win the style wars, even if they look like they should be piloted by the Beatles and hunting Blue Meanies.

  5. This looks like terrific fun! I sure enjoyed following your Stingray gams

  6. Nice 3D sculpts - should make a great participation game at shows :)

  7. This looks like a fun project. Although those French and Italian subs do look a little more modern that the Royal Navy. And what about the dastardly Germans??

    It seems like the secret sub arms race is about to get underway.

  8. I have a few more in the works, including a German, another British, Japanese and a Russian. Oh and a nice "evil genius" boat.

  9. Please let us all know when/where you post the links to the models, including your modified versions :-)

  10. I'm working on a few new models now, so planning to upload them all at the weekend

  11. This is wonderfully inspiring, and massively distracting from my other sci fi submarine project. ;) The question I need to ask myself is: "How many rivets will I need to add to old highlighters and other things before I go crosseyed?" :D