Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Brean Down Fort

Pretty much every New Year's Day for the last couple of decades we've gone to Brean Down near Weston-Super-Mare to blow away the cobwebs of the night before. This year it was just me, but no matter as I arrived at half nine to find the headland enveloped in low cloud and mist. It was a very relaxing walk (even if the stairs at the start kill me every time), and also dead quiet as there was a couple walking a few hundred yards ahead and - nobody else. The local wildlife was enjoying the quiet as well, I saw all manner of small birds and a few pheasants at close quarters, and the herd of mountain goats that live on the Down - although they legged it down a cliff face when they saw me, returning to keep an eye on me from a distance. By the time I got to the fort the mist had lifted  a little, but it was still impossible to see Weston, Steepholm (or indeed back to the seafront at Brean).

I managed a half hour chilling out there in the quiet, with only the sound of the waves breaking on the rocks. Bliss :)

 Then a quicker walk back along the lower road and back down the stairs to the National Trust cafe for chips and hot chocolate - but whats this? No hot chocolate???!!! And only a bowl of cooked-some-time-ago chips that looked distinctly old and cold. I made  a quick departure and went to the nearby cafe at the bird gardens - there to find not only a lovely hot (and large) mug of hot choccie but also ham, egg and chips. A good way to end this part of the day.

On completion, hole to sort out a few models and to think about what is going to be in the plan for this year.....


  1. This sounds like a good way to start the new year (especially the hot chocolate with ham, eggs, and chips).