Saturday, 4 January 2020

The Plan, 2020

Like some others my wargaming mojo is a bit off at the moment. This is for a number of "real life" reasons, so "the plan" may seem rather understated this year. And as always it is "more a set of guidelines" so I'll probably end up doing a load of completely different things anyway :)

So, here goes:

1) 10mm Vietnam - I have a load of new Pendraken figures to replace the older types I've had for a couple of decades. So #1 on the plan is to sort out the new figures, fix the various bits of broken terrain that I have and then make sure my rules are fit to use.

2) 15mm Winter Skirmish and 20mm Burma Skirmish. Yes, I WILL get these sorted and ready to play. Rules need to be cdecided upon (fast and fun, not too serious), I may just end up writing my own for quick games at Berkeley Vale. That or heavily modify Bolt Action.

3) Sci Fi Submarines - The rulesI've used for my "Stingray" games are pretty stable now. I'm going to work on them to create a set of generic sci fi submarine rules (into which Stingray will fit), but I'm also going to look at a Victorian "subpunk" version, having found some interesting models to work with. Something different I guess. Both versions will have their own bespoke backgrounds (who knew, for instance that the British Empire, the French and the United States fought a clandestine war beneath the waves whilst also fighting off mysterious anarchists??)

4) WW2 coastal forces - I have a horde of new boats painted up as a result of getting this blasted 3D printer, so a major task will be to get them properly based. Then more games, especially some Pacific theatre ones. This will hopefully get me in a position to finalise my "Narrow Seas" campaign system as well.

In addition I have a few rule-writing projects. I no particular order I will be finalising my Napoleonic fleet action rules, resurrecting my Napoleonic frigate action set, and looking to update my ancient and Renaissance fleet action rules. Oh, and I may be doing something with the original "Fox Two" air rules.

Finally - I heard today that "Project X" is a go, as work to create the masters for the models was authorised today. Watch this space!

Oh, and things that may divert my attention - 1/300 "war on the moon" project, 15mm AK47 and Vietnam, medieval DBA (actually I do have those "camp follower" sets to do, they look fun), X Wing.....


  1. Sounds like some good guidelines for 2020. I'm looking forward to seeing more about the Narrow Seas campaign, the frigate action (I'm looking for some rules for the Black Seas ships), and Fox Two update (I think I have a copy of the original somewhere around).

    I understand about things feeling a little off. The last couple of years I've found that work and other things make it hard to plan for the full year. This year I'm just making plans through July, with only a general idea of plans after that.

    I hope things settle out for you and you get back to enjoying the hobby.

  2. Have a look at Nordic Weasels skirmish rules for the 15mm / 20mm WW2 project - I think they'd be ideal.

  3. All the best with your projects for 2020, interested in the scifi submarine rules!

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