Sunday, 23 August 2015


Its just over  a month until "Stingray" gets its next outing, this time at Blast-Tastic in Bristol. The Thornbury game went well but an annoying (and, on reflection, rather obvious) "feature" of the games was how they all ended up with a furball in one part of the table as the Terror Fish tried to catch the escaping civilian submarine. To try and get around that I've knocked up some Terranean seabed structures, aka "targets"

As with many things that I construct these days handy household items and bits of rubbish have been pressed into service. I won't say what these structures are made up of just yet, see if you can work it out for yourselves :)

The plan with the Blast Tastic games is to use these as objectives, key Terranean structures to be defended or destroyed, and distributed around the table so as to make it more of a game of manoeuvre. Fingers crossed we'll end up with more fluid games :)