Friday, 7 August 2015

One Hour Wargames - Pike and Shot Additions

A few people have asked me here through comments or via email what additions I've made to the Pike and Shot rules in "One Hour Wargames". Here's a summary:

Added Artillery, Shock Cavalry and Dragoon troop types

Artillery - move 4" (or optionally, position at start of game and they remain immobile). Range 18", unit rolls 2 dice for casualties, roll for out of ammo as normal. May not enter any terrain features, may not move into contact with enemy, only causes half number of casualties in hand to hand (round down)

Dragoons - move 10" , may shoot at end of move, may only charge into combat if out of ammo, shooting range 10", half casualties when engaging Cavalry, Reiters or Lobsters (round in favour of attacker)

Shock Cavalry (inspired by Haselrigg's Lobsters) - move 10", may not end move in a town, roll 2d6 for casualties on first turn of hand to hand combat. Swordsmen only inflict half casualties on Shock cavalry in hand to hand

Withdraw from Melee -Cavalry, Reiters, Dragoons  or Shock Cavalry can withdraw up to 12" but end their movement  facing away from the enemy when doing so. Enemy Reiters, Dragoons and Infantry who are not out of ammunition may also get a free shot as they withdraw.

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  1. I guess I was one of those who asked for your amendments. Thanks for posting them.