Sunday 16 August 2015

The Plan - Mid(ish) Year Review

As the half way point of 2015 has come and gone I thought it would be good to review "The Plan".

Everything seemed pretty straightforward in January, little was I to know that life would be thrown upside down only a few weeks later, and the turmoil has continued pretty much constantly since then. That said wargaming has proven to be a good occasional therapy, so lets see how we are doing.....
1) Project X - I will get phase 2 sorted out by the Summer.
"Phase 2" was to get my medieval naval rules done, dusted and published. This happened at the beginning of August so that's a "yes". Now thinking actively about Phase 3 :)
2) Engage! - I'll renovate my FASA Star Trek fleets, sort out the various unpainted ships that I have to hand and will put together stat sheets for all the models.
I had a big push on this in January so I have stat sheets done for most of the ships in the FASA fleet books. Model renovation hasn't started yet and I still have to do stat sheets for the non-FASA ships in my Star Trek collection. So this is a work in progress, but there has been considerable progress so far.
3) FLoB - Yes, get those fleets renovated like I was supposed to do last year, and expand the 1/450 fleets for the Adriatic campaign (which means a few galleys needed)
Nothing on this yet. galleys are the big problem.
4) Burma Skirmish - I've been picking up odd bits and pieces for this for some time. 20mm "retro" gaming, going back to my wargaming roots in the 1970s and 80s. I'll put together at least a platoon's worth of troops for each side (and possibly some US as well, especially if I can track down a 20mm LVT(A) somewhere)and get some games in. "Operation Warboard" likely to be the rules in use to complete the whole retro thing :)
Getting there - my Japanese troops are painted and need basing, my Aussies and Gurkhas stalled but hopefully kicking off again now that I've found some older models where the pastic used was much more pleasing to the eye - and not requiring so much in the way of paint. I found some LVT(A)1s at a show in February for a very reasonable price. Overall - fair progress made, but still can't actually play a game with these yet.
5) Mad Max - Inspired by the new film coming out later this year I've always had a hankering to do some sort of "road warrior" gaming. I have an idea about some rules, and there are so many handy Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars that I think will be ideal for kitbashing.
I now have a box full of cars, trucks and other vehicles, some bikes to paint up and some useful figures for foot-sloggers. Rules still need thinking about. But doing well here.
6) BASF - Bolt Action Sci Fi. We've tried this a few times at BV. I have a pile of stuff to sort out for this. Fun to do.
Mostly done, I still have a small pile of figures to paint up. so again, decent progress.

So, despite the upheaval of the last 8 months I've actually achieved quite a bit, Things are in the doldrums at the moment at least as painting is concerned as my new wargames HQ is without power and lighting, or a decent painting table all of which are planned but taking an age to sort out) but with luck they'll be sorted in a month or two and then its full steam ahead :)


  1. Well've certainly achieved more than I have in the last six months!

  2. Great looking post-apoc vehicle. You've reminded me that we're over half way done with the year too!