Sunday, 2 August 2015

Lord of the Sea

After four years of development and a year of bashing through the last stages of playtesting and formatting I am happy to announce the publication of "Lord of the Sea", my second set of self-published naval rules which has just become available through Wargame Vault.

As those who have followed the development of these rules through occasional insights in this blog, "Lord of the Sea" is a collection of fast play rules covering individual ship actions, major battles and featuring an extended campaign system , and is centred primarily on naval actions in Northern European waters in the 13th to 15th centuries.

The rules have been written with 1/1200 scale models in mind, their inspiration originally being the models designed by Outpost Wargaming Services, but growing with the availability of other models from Ral Partha and Navwar.

On sale now and a snip at what I hope is a very reasonable $5 a copy :)


  1. Congratulations David - they look very interesting!

  2. I may have to delve into this period/genre. Would it be possible to use hex mats for movement? Thanks, Dean

  3. Congrats! This might be the incentive I need to finally get some ships and game Warwick's naval actions during the Wars of the Roses...