Sunday, 13 September 2015

A Short Time Ago....

.. at a supermarket not far away...

Just back from the weekly grocery shop at Tesco where I discovered that the old Star Wars Micro Machines have been spruced up and reissued as Episode 7 models. I understand there are at least 2 sets out there but the only sets available at the time contained two TIE Fighters in the new black/dark grey and pale fins scheme and two of the new model X Wings. I think the other set includes two X Wings, a Y Wing, TIE/Adv and a TIE fighter, presumably the original models (as it is entitled "Trench Run").

As before the models fit very well with FFG's X Wing range, and thanks to FFG's policy of putting just about everything son their website to download it is possible to get everything you need to play these ships with the game. They don't come with flight stands but the undersides of the models have the holes from the originals so they are easy to stick on whatever stands you have to hand, As with the originals the lasers on the X Wings are a bit bendy but I think the application of some hot water should sort them out nicely.

Also included are a couple of pilots (one Imperial, one Rebel, and a Stormtrooper "skiff" thing with a heavy laser or similar "50 cal"ish weapon. Ideal for SW skirmish gaming or, if you aren't into this, for general 15mm skirmish gaming as they look like they'll make ideal downed pilots and recce units.

Not bad for a tenner and it would seen that Clubcard holders might get something more off them as I got a £3.19 voucher for my next shop :)

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