Saturday, 19 September 2015

Doncaster - Day 1

This weekend I am at the Wings of Glory weekend at the Doncaster Air Museum. I came last year and was struck down by a particularly nasty bug and sod it, its happened again. So as I write this I have a temperature of lots and I'm dosed up on Beechams.

This has of course put  a bit of a downer on the gaming side of the weekend, but regardless today has been a rather lovely day.

The first game at the event that I played in wasn't Wings of Glory, it was Sails. A "fleet action" (actually four ships, one first rate and three 74s a side) where a late call to go independent spelt disaster for our RN squadron. Fortunately some deft manoeuvring (after piling into each other) and some lucky chit draws had my 74 force three of the Frenchies to strike and in so doing won us the game - and me the prize (which was coincidentally the same kind of ship as I was driving in the game). Alas I wasn't in a photography mood so no pics.

Game #2 was a WW1 two seater bash. But I dipped out of this to head over to Robin Hood Airport to see the Vulcan depart for her display today at Southport. As many readers will know this is the last year that the Vulcan will be flying and we missed out on seeing her at Old Sarum when she suffered a fuel leak last weekend. So it was basically see her today or never again.

What a sight!

Well worth bunking off the game for. And having seen her go I was on the verge of heading back when the nice old chap with the lovely daughter to whom I was chatting said "wait until she returns, it'll be worth it"

How right he was, as the Vulcan made her approach the went back to full power, gear up and away for a fast pass across the airport and around again. And the second time a "bolter" as she touched down and then back to full power and back into the skies again to come around for her third circuit, anding and back to the hangar. Apparently this extra "mini display" happens rarely, if ever, and I felt quite privileged to see it. And it brought a tear to many viewers' eyes.

Saying my goodbyes I returned to the air museum where a massive WW1 dogfight was taking place (nearly 30 players, "respawning" aircraft and the biggest single game I've played in). Unfortunately the room was baking hot - one of the younger players keeled over with heat stroke - I was going downhill fast and I never really got into the action, so it wasn't as much fun for me as it should have been, but the others had a great time and everyone won a prize

So now off to bed and Beechams, hoping tomorrow is another - and rather less germ-ridden - day!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your illness. Glad you saw the Vulcan today- I was a the Southport Show. Though your extra landing show sounded very special. The announcer at Southport got a little chocked up when he rounded off his commentry - a few others seemed that way too.