Sunday, 25 December 2011

Happy Christmas :)

Just a short note for all my regular readers and casual passers-by, to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Our house is now full of shredded wrapping paper, books, Skylanders, half empty boxes of chocolate and very sleepy kids, cats, kittens and parents :)

Santa was specifically asked not to bring wargaming stuff this year (so we have a blu-ray player and associated amplifier gubbins and a million and one socks this time around) but despite that I did get something of a naval persuasion - Norman Friedman's new book on naval weapons of WW1.

This is based on a manuscript started by Campbell (whose similar book on WW2 weapons is "required reading at the Academy"), but with extensive additions.  Looks like a cracking good read!

Anyway, off for a well-deserved snooze now, and back with some more SCW stuff tomorrow.

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  1. David, I hope you and your family had a fabulous Christmas. Thanks for supporting all our naval projects here in the Northwest.