Friday, 23 December 2011


Regular readers will recall that one of my objectives for this year has been to finish the Peter Pig ECW Scots that I bought several years ago. These poor sods have languished on the painting table for many months, always losing out to the latest 1/144 arrivals from Shapeways, ACW ships or SCW 15mm stuff and I was sure they'd be No. 1 on the "to do list" for 2012. However, a sudden burst of enthusiasm changed that this week. I'd started the foot troops some time ago, so its these that I've finished. I still have the cavalry and command stands to sort out, but for now getting the foot sloggers sorted is a major victory :)

This (apart from the cavalry and command) just about finishes off my ECW project that was born out of a weekend campaign run by Peter Colbeck some years ago. Rules are based on DBA with the Humberside extension, and a few local "tweaks" (although I must admit, the file with those tweaks has gone missing). I quite like the idea of resurrecting this campaign sometime in the near future.


  1. I know this is largely irrelevant for your figures, but I look at them and see no army characteristics expressed in figures. They could equally be ACW or scruffy AWI

  2. Very nice David! Mine are languishing too. So here's some inspiration for me.


  3. Good stuff!

    Three years is pretty good going compared to some of my antediluvian efforts.