Sunday, 17 May 2020

Just Another Winter's Tale

After the test game recently I was looking at my winter skirmish table and thinking it looked distinctly "flat". I was unsure whether I wanted to go with polystyrene hills and feature on the table, or whether to put them under the cloth like I did in the old days. Anyway, yesterday I set to a pile of old poly packing pieces with my hot wire cutter and after an application of watered down polyfilla, some sprinkled sand, an overall coat of white paint and some relief through a distant application of desert yellow and grey spray paints I had a load of snow covered hills and a few gun/tank emplacements. I also made a set of ruined and damaged walls to provide more cover. In this case they were strips of foamcore, suitably distressed and then glued to some wide "lolly sticks" from Hobbycraft. A thin black wash to bring out the detail of the damage, and then some white flock on the bases to complete. Whilst I was at it I also made a set for my AK47 games, this time a light brown wash and sand on the bases.

The hills, emplacements and walls took no time to make and I think they look quite effective. I've just realised the hills will work fine with my 1/300 "war on the moon" sci fi collection as well. And being made of effectively bits of junk the whole lot cost virtually nothing.

Still not decided on hills on top of or under the cloth though.

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