Saturday, 6 June 2020

International Naval Wargames Day 2020

Its only two months until the 2020 International Naval Wargames Day. Celebrate the birth of the father of naval wargaming, Fred T Jane, on the occasion of his birthday. Play games, solo or with friends (covid permitting), and post your action reports here, on your blog or your favourite wargaming websites. Help raise the profile of naval wargaming by supporting INWarD 2020!


  1. Planning is underway already. Always a good excuse for a bit of naval gaming.

  2. Sorry, but couldn't find another way to contact you. Does narrow seas if used with 1/300 miniatures need the scale altering? E.g. - 16 inches in 1/600 to 32 inches in 1/300.

    1. I know players who have used the original scale as well as those who have doubled. Certainly if you were using bigger ships I would suggest doing it