Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The Temple at Siwa

Last night saw my second wargame of the year (the first was another playtest of my fast play medieval naval set - still coming on well), and the first game at the Berkeley Vale club. Rodger ran a "back of Beyond" game, pitching the French Foreign Legion, Bedouin Arabs (with a London bus!) and ante-Nazi archaeologists against each other in a bid to secure the dread horror that was uncovered at the Temple of Siwa in Southern Egypt.  Both the FFL and the Bedouin (who were well aware of the nature of the unspeakable horror) had to stop the archaeologists from escaping with their loot. A madcap game ensued, with reanimated mummies beating up on the FFL and Bedouin infantry, the FFL and Bedouin armoured cars taking ineffective potshots at each other for most of the game, giant carnivorous worms  erupting from the sand, an FFL trooper with a flamethrower and an itchy finger, an acrobatic Bedouin leader who alas was no dab hand with grenades and a blind German sniper who spent the game on the roof of a temple taking potshots an anything with little effect. Enormous fun, and something that I'm sure we'll be doing again the near future.


  1. Sounds like a cracking game and your pics are gorgeous. Next time show us the carnivorous worms! Thanks for sharing.