Thursday, 30 December 2010


The Sudan project has taken something of a back seat recently. First, the games room was turned into a temporary present store and wraping centre prior to Christmas, and since then Laura has been having me sort out stuff for her alt-WW2 game. My Kangaroos have been assembled, and painted along with the Fireflys and Achilles that form the core of my NW Europe "army". The Valiant 22(ish)mm figures are proving to be rather nice and, being hard plastic, are quite easy to convert. I've hacked  afew around so now I have, in addition to the standard figures, a chappie walking forward with a PIAT, an advancing bren gunner and the company commander in a cap rather than a helmet. more conversions planned for tomorrow, and then painting!

I've also been making up a 6pdr anti tank gun and universal carrier, and a 25pdr field gun kit for Laura's "8th Army" battlegroup, and an Airfix German recce set (Kubelwagen and SdKfz222) for Philip's "Afrika Korps", to join his PzIIIs and StuG IIIs.

The Sudan was not completely forgotten though, as the kangaroo models came wt some spare 15mm shells (for use if you were making them up as standard M7 Priests). Now, these cut down quite nicely to make a decent Hale rocket, and so my British and Egyptian rocket crews have been "refitted" with more appropriate ammunition.

According to TMP, january 1st is International Solo Wargames Day, and I've decided to let my Egyptians have a  go at the forces of the Mahdi (its about time those Fellahs got to see some action). The table is being cleared and the forces assembled. Tomorrow will see a flurry of end-of-year activity, Saturday will see myself, SWMBO and the offpring amke out annual start-of-year trek to Brean Fort, and then, on Saturday nigth - let battle commence :)

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