Sunday, 3 January 2016

The Plan, 2016

As 2016 gets under way I've put together my annual 6 point plan for the next 12 months. If previous years are anything to go by this will be a good indication as to what I won't get done :)

1) River Plate at the Naval Wargames Show

I'm going to run River Plate at the next Naval Wargames Show in Gosport using the freebie NWS rules that I wrote a few years back. It'll be fought on the lawn in front of the museum using 1/600 models and the same ground scale, so that visitors can get an impression of the actual distances that these battles were fought over. So his means I need to build the models and develop the visual aids (and get some looong tape measures!). As a stretch target I'll do the same for Denmark Strait.

2) Coastal Forces

My "Action Stations" collection needs sprucing up, a load of models need to be repaired and in some cases finished, and I'd like to get some games of this in - haven't really played it for ages. And the same for Bulldogs Away, a lot of work needed to renovate my collection here, plus a whole load of "new" (i.e. bought ages ago and not done anything with) models to sort out (plus a few genuinely new models coming soon)

3) Form Line of Battle

As above, I still have a need to sort out some galleys and Xebecs for the 1/450 collection, then get in some more games of this

4) Pre-Dreadnought

Inspired by my recent RJW mini campaign, I'll sort out the various fleets and squadrons that I have had unpainted for a long while. Starting with the Chinese, then the Americans, French, Germans and Italians.  Then I'll work on the development of the DBA style rules and the campaign system with a view to either running the RJW as a PBEM campaign, or some sort of one day campaign, possibly with a hypothetical setting.

5) Burma Skirmish

Yes, I will sort this out (honest!)

6) Iron and Fire

As with FLoB, track down the unpainted models, get them finished and get some more games in! And look to formalise the ship date for the 1854/55 Baltic campaign, now that I've bought Stuart Barnes Watson's collection of ships for this.


I'm sure there will be things that will distract me from this. I'm guessing Wings of Glory, Fire and Fury (I actually have some terrain for this that needs painting up and finishing, so being distracted by this is almost certain), the Berkeley Vale club's Roman chariot race campaign, DBA, thinking about a game for the Thornbury IPMS show and Blast Tastic etc....


  1. '...using 1/600 models and the same ground scale...'

    If I worked it out right, that means Graf Spee's 11inch guns will have a maximum range of 200 feet?

  2. Yes, but he effective range was much less. Graf Spee opened fire at 19000 yards, which is about 95 feet or 29 metres

  3. Nice plan for 2016 weather we manage to stick to them will be another story. It would be nice revisit this page half way through the year.

  4. I usually do a review sometime in the Summer

  5. Sounds good I'll keep an eye out

  6. Sounds good I'll keep an eye out