Sunday, 17 January 2016

Chinese Steam Navy in 1/3000

Part of "The Plan" for 2016 is to sort out my 1/3000 pre-dreadnought fleets and to get some games in (plans are developing for a Summer weekend campaign...). The first task here was to fix up my US ships, some of which needed finishing after being started three years ago. But the first "big" job was to sort out the Chinese. Navwar brought out three Chinese fleet packs, two of which covered the period up until the Sino Japanese War. I bought these when they were first released which must be at least a dozen years ago, maybe more. So a week or so back I started prepping and assembling them. Many of the models come with masts and sails so they are a bit tricky in 1/3000 - more than one has now been modelled with a "reduced rig" - and most of the ships needed that addition of masts and fighting tops to give them a pre authentic pre-1900 look. So a lot of time spent with a hand drill, pins and clippers sorting those out.

Painting was completed during the week and this afternoon I finished basing them up, so I now have a rather large (in terms of numbers) Chinese fleet ready to square off against my Japanese. Alas no photos as its really gloomy here at the moment, but to provide at least some pictorial input here's an illustration of one of the Chinese battleships.

With the Chinese done its back to the European powers for the next squadron, could that be the Kaiser's fleet hoving into view?.......

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  1. interesting, just need to get some decent rules to take account how rubbish ships were in this era! Now what about those 100T Armstrong guns?