Wednesday, 8 April 2015

River Wars

Long Face Games is happy to announce the release of "River Wars", the first of a short series of supplements for the "Steamer Wars" rules of WW1 gunboat warfare.

"River Wars" covers naval engagements on the Danube and other European waters. The supplement includes a host of new rules covering mines and torpedoes, troops on shore, land based features and targets and the riverine environment.  Data tables are included for over thirty new ship and vessel types from the navies of the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Romaniaand Turkey.

River Wars can be had for the princely sum of $2.50 from Wargame Vault

Two further supplements are envisaged, one covering riverine actions in the Russian Civil War, the other expanding the campaign settings in Africa.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Where can you get Steamer Wars from? I am VERY interested in this idea - does the Tigris and Euphrates get a mention at all?

    Yours in hope,


  2. Steamer Wars is on Wargame Vault as well. I'm glad you mentioned the Tigris as this was the obvious mistook in my list - I'll probably cover it with the new African material.

  3. I just bought it, to go with the excellent Steamer Wars. I am very much looking forward to the African supplement.

  4. Thanks David,

    I wonder is this would extend to the Baltic? I'm thinking of the Langton 1/200th scale CMB's et al.




  5. No reason why it couldn't I guess......