Saturday, 21 March 2015

White Line Nightmare

Just a quick post with an update on the developing "Mad Max" collection. I decided I needed some bigger vehicles so I've just completed a post-apoc "bendy bus" and the obligatory petrol tanker.

I'm quite pleased at how they came out, although the corrugated "cardboard" looks a bit too neat so I might distress the edges a bit more. The next job will be to do a few figures from the Caesar plastic figure sets I picked up at Alumwell.

One of my chums, on hearing about the bus, said "why didn't you do a Routemaster?" - looks like the subject for my next model is decided!


  1. Nice work, got that Mad Max feel down to a tee.

  2. Looking good David. :)

    If you go for the Routemaster, get an open-top one so you can add weapon points. Or go for both :)

  3. Great stuff DM! I've started some similar vehicles also, to play with my lad (remember that newborn I had when we first met? He is now 14!). I've done a bit of digging and it seems that 20mm sized figs match hot wheels cars best, though I have yet to confirm that for myself.

    Rules wise, we are going to use GW's old "Dark Future" rules, which weren't too bad once you added the White Line Fever supplement. The biggest drawback is that there are no 'off road' options. On the plus side though, that greatly limits how much terrain you need!

    "I am the Nightrider! I am the chosen one. The mighty hand of vengeance, sent down to strike the unroadworthy!"

  4. Like the look of those. Especially the bendy bus.



  5. Amazing work on these, David. Truly works of art.

  6. Realistic and beautiful...excellent job!