Saturday, 25 April 2015


After a very hectic few weeks I finally got a couple of hours spare to try out my new participation game for the Naval Wargames Show. The subject this time is Gerry Anderson's "Stingray". I started to put together  a collection of Konami models for this some years ago but they all went missing and are now going for silly prices on Ebay, so I've had to replace them with Matchbox toys from the 1990s. That said they are pretty decent as they come, although the Terror Fish benefit from a bit of  a paint job.

Terror Fish move in to engage the accursed Terraneans!

Stingray and Tigershark move to cover the research sub

Titan's best continue their advance 

 Tigershark's Sting Missiles bear in on a Terror Fish - but missile inbound!

I've knocked up a set of quick play rules and begun to think about terrain, so the pictures show what is very much a work in progress. The rules feature torpedoes and Sting Missiles tearing around the board as well as the subs so I needed  a good way to represent them. I've tried cutting white pipe cleaners into short lengths and burning off the first 5mm or so - the result gives I think a decent impression of a torpedo trailing a wake behind it. still, some time to experiment before the show.

The research sub closes in on "Fingers" the tentacly undersea alien 

Anyway the rules seemed to work well for a first try, although the Terror Fish seemed to stand up to incoming fire rather too well (damage rolls tweaked in Mk2) and the various missiles could do with travelling a bit faster. So some mods to make, terrain to spruce up and some bases for the various subs to do and I should be Ok for the next run through in a while.


  1. Love Stingray! I used to watch it when I was small!

  2. Did you get to Salute this year and see the Warlords big Stingray game?