Sunday, 30 November 2014

Reveille 2014

Today has been a stupidly busy day (equestrian stuff dominating the morning and evening) but in the middle of the day I managed to spend a few hours of relative calm at the Reveille show at Lincombe Barn in Bristol. For once I wasn't running or helping out with a game so I had a chance to wander and enjoy the show. Reveille isn't the biggest show by any means (2 small halls and a smattering of rooms) but it is one of my favorites, probably because I catch up with so many old friends there. So of the three hours I spent at the show I probably spent at least two of them chatting, catching up and making plans for future games and campaigns, some of which might actually come off.

Walmington on Sea - looks so peaceful :)

20mm Rapid Fire form the German perspective

The emphasis is on traders but there were small number of very nice games, including my chums from Abbey Wood with a VBCW game, a "Dads Army" participation game and a medieval game put on by John Curry (which apparently was based on the "reenactor's view" of  a medieval battle. Alas I forgot to ask John exactly what that meant whilst we were chatting. There was also a very nice desert "Rapid Fire" game in 20mm.

The Germans seem to be very well equipped with capture British kit - there was a 25pdr battery somewhere else too

Shoppingwise I picked up the new YT-2400 "Outrider" for my X Wing collection and some bits and pieces for my 20mm Burma Skirmish project (Airfix Jungle Outpost, a DUKW and a set of US Marines in the old style coloured plastic that isn't garish and horrible like many of the current Airfix reprints).

As usual the cafe was busy and churning out decent grub - I got there just before the bacon ran out, which was just as well as I'd not had breakfast, and lunch was  a very tasty lamb burger. Also as usual parking was a complete pig so I ended up a goof 10 minutes walk away. But the sun was shining and the exercise did me good :)

Jerry Hendy ponders his next move in the VBCW game

Looking forward to next year, apparently we are signed up to do a Wings of Glory participation game.....

This lot soaked up the res of my time this weekend - sweeties :)

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