Sunday, 9 November 2014


One of the latest warships to be restored and displayed in the UK is the diminutive CMB9. At 40' in length she was one of the first of the many short Coastal Motor Boats that were operated by the Royal Navy in the Great War. For the last 5 years she has been under restoration in Avonmouth, In the Summer she headed to Plymouth, but this weekend she headed inland to Bristol to take part in the city's Remembrance Day events. 

I've been keeping tabs on CMB9 via Facebook and hearing that she was coming to the city I was up at sparrows for a trip to Cumberland Basin to see her arrive. She was a lovely sight as she came through the lock and tied up in Cumberland Basin.

However, things didn't end there. After chatting to Robert Morley, the owner, and hearing that they were heading deeper into the harbour and tying up at the Cottage Inn which was where my car was parked I thumbed a lift and was rewarded with a short trip on board. Its not every day one gets to set sail on a WW1 warship, and I feel deeply honoured and indeed very lucky to have had the chance.


  1. That is very cool! It sounds like it was a nice experience. What do they have in the torpedo slot?

  2. Its covered with a GRP cowling, s they use it to store their lifejackets and other kit. But I think there is a plan to make a replica torpedo at some point.

  3. Hi David Could you get in touch - I'd like to talk about using your CMB9 pics with an article I'm doing for a boat mag. Try phoning ot texting 07979 721901. Thanks Peter Willis