Sunday, 7 July 2013

War Rocket

Like many UK wargamers of my age I used to love watching reruns of Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers on TV during the school holidays, and the camp 1980s "remakes". So it was no great surprise to me to find that I splurged on a box of War Rocket Galacteer  miniatures from Hydra at the Reveille show in November 2011. Of course they then went into the "lead pile" and were forgotten until June last year. At that time I came across them again and, with a trip to the US coming up, I ordered the rules and some more ships (Imperial and pirates this time) and had them delivered to a chum in Manassas for me to collect. As before, after a good read through of the rules the models ended up "in the pile". My interest was piqued for a third time at Salute when I decided I did like the look of the Valkeeri ships and was going to shell out on a fleet but, alas, all sold out. Mail order was my friend, the models arrived a few weeks back and this time the assemblage stayed on mt games table. Last week I took the plunge, starting the Galacteers, Imperials and Pirates, and today I finished them and the Valkeeri, which I started during the week.

I must say i do love the retro look of these models. A classic blend of 1930s with more "modern" lines from SF movies and illustrations form the 50s, and a touch (especially with the Imperials) of the 80s - you can almost hear the Queen soundtrack whilst you are painting them!

So, Imperials first and it wouldn't be right to paint them in anything other than a classic red and gold detail scheme. These are my favourites form the bunch and I'm thinking of either converting one of the Class III ships into a closer representation of the "Ajax", or perhaps scratch building one (unless some clever soul on Shapeways does one, of course)

Next up the Galacteers. I went for something similar to the "official" scheme, but was looking at a model of Gerry Andreson's "Stingray" at the time I worked out the details and that has obviously had an influence.

Latecomers to the party were the Valkeeri. There is something very aquatic about these, and I may end up with a few more for my planned "Stingray" game (which has been "planned" for about 6 years now). Anyway, I went for something completely different for these, virginal white with shocking pink trim. Ideal to lull their enemies into a false sense of security, as these are no fluffy bunnies in combat! Paint scheme I guess influenced by "Girls und Panzer" - which I think would make an ideal subject for an SFSFW parti game....

Finally, those pesky pirates. A smaller "fleet" this time, as befits their irregular status. They have rather nice, menacing lines. And the red bridge windows help the effect I think

So there we are. Another painting project completed - although not one that was on my plan from the beginning of the year (I'm sooo easily distracted!!) With luck these will be pitching up at the Berkeley Vale  club sometime soonish.

Once I've found the rulebook.

Which is in "the pile".



  1. Nice Fleets!
    I especially like the cool take you have on the Valkeeri.
    And when you do find the rules and give the game a try I think you're in for a real treat. I found because the rules are so elegantly simple that the play is fast and fun, yet the simple set up of each fleets different movement and fire arcs allows for lots of strategy.

  2. Wow!

    Those look out Buster Crabbe!

  3. Brilliant! I love your color schemes. (You can tell I am from the States because I spell "colour" incorrectly) Thanks for posting!

  4. Beautiful ships! I can almost hear them them buzzing through the sky, spitting sparks out of the engines.