Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Plan - Mid Year Review

So, how are we doing?

1)      More games – doing well, plenty of games at Berkeley Vale, and the odd Wings of War game at Cribbs, plus games at shows. I'm still hopeful of running a one-day campaign or two.

2)      Medieval Naval – I haven't even got the cogs out of the box yet! mind you, I have given myself a target of 2 weekends to get them done. Hmmmmm......

3)      Wings of War – played lots, quite a few new models. Going well :)

4)      X wing – All of my Micro Machines and other "non official" models are ready to play. Soft copies of play aids made up and printed as needed. And we've played a few games which have worked well.

5)      The Sudan – played  a few games at Berkeley Vale, but no progress on the modelling front so far. Bashi Basouks, terrain pieces and one new gunboat still to do.

6)      WW2 Coastal – no progress so far. That said, the spate of coastal games in 1/600 and 1/1200 at the Naval Wargames Show have piqued my interest here.

So, 3 out of the six going reasonably well. Not bad. And better than progress against last year's plan at this stage I think.

(as an aside, this is my 100th post!)

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