Saturday, 8 December 2012


A few weeks back I helped run a Wings of Glory participation game at Warfare. one of our group had a model of a British coastal airship which we intended using in the game.Alas Don was taken ill and had to leave before we could do so. But I thought it would be handy to have one of my own. So I contacted the maker, "Clipper1801" (aka "Arizona Dave") from the Wings of Glory Aerodrome. Clipper had one ready to go in an instant, at  avery reasonable price and today a parcel arrived at the residence. Inside I found not only my lovely new airship, but also a brand spanking new scratch-build Dornier RS.III seaplane!

I snapped a picture of the new arrivals here with a couple of 1/1200 models from Rod Langton; a German coastal U Boat and an RN 80' Motor Launch. All of these should, with luck, be appearing at our Wngs of Glory participation game at Penarth next month.

SSZ 65 arrives in Gloucestershire after her transatlantic flight

Also arriving today, a couple of new arrivals for X Wing. But more of this later......


  1. Your comments ate pleasingly coincidental, since I've just started watch my "Firefly" DVD boxed set again :)

  2. Very nice.... looking to pick up the Rod Langton U boat and Elco, are they nice to build?