Monday, 6 February 2012

An Astute Observation

latest model off the workbench, and this time its something that I've had a real hand in designing (albeit some years back when the boat was just a cloud of electrons in a CAD package. I hadn't realised that someone had made  a plastic kit of ASTUTE until I came across it on a modelling website a few weeks back. Chinese (!) company "Hobby Boss" have done  a very good job from what i can see from this 1/700 scale model - the detail is quite impressive.

Its also available in 1/350, but since I have a half decent collection of 1/700 modern boats I thought I'd stick with the smaller version.

Now to find a decent model of DARING :)


  1. Nice looking model. I've been looking at getting back to some 1/700 submarines (including trying to figure out some rules for using them in games). There is a company called OKB Grigorov ( of Bulgaria that is doing a lot of modern 1/700 scale subs (attack subs and ballistic missile subs) that look pretty nice. They are doing a pretty good mix of Russian, U.S., British, French, and German subs.

  2. Most of mine are the Dragon kits that were available in the 1990s and early 2000s. The moulds seem to have been sold on as the same models keep on coming out, in increasing lack of detail :0) There are also some nice ready made/painted models available from Japan. I've picked up an Akula II and a Kilo from Ebay in recent months.

  3. Do you happen to remember where you saw it in 1:350? That would make an awesome prop for one of my Ogre Miniatures games, cut down to the waterline as a scenario objective or something.