Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fleet Action Fun

Having posted about the battle of Cape St Vincent earlier in the week and thinking it would be fun to try a refight using my fleet action rules that evening I unfolded a terrbile series of events. First deciding that the rules were tosh, next embarking on a major rewrite of said rules, then looking at the two dozen or so 1/2400 models that i have left to paint. Now this morning I've done about half of them, plus all the struck ships and fallen mast markers that I had also failed to paint previously, plus thinking about whether can convert any of the renaissance galleys i have in that scale to become Russian and Swedish galleys for a Baltic game, and now I'm busy looking at revising the stowage I have for them and the way I'm identifying each model, which will probably become a project in itself. And all this as I'm supposed to be painting up models for a photoshoot for an article I've written. AND after I'd developed a plan for the year's wargaming and modelling that didn't include 1/2400 fleet action games!

I really must learn to get some focus here!!


  1. Focus??? Focus in miniature wargaming??? That's just not right - well at least as how I approach the hobby. I'd love to see some pictures of the fleets. I dabbled in 1/2400 Napoleonic age of sail but have reverted back to 1/1200 Langtons.


  2. David

    I don't think you suffering from a lack of ....dammit what was the question again?

    As for St Vincent, I'm very interested in seeing how it turns out. Have you read Sugden's bio of the Nelson, it had very good stuff on the early war in the Med up to St Vincent?


  3. Well, the refight came to a premature close when I realised the rules weren't working very well, but at the time the Spaniards were getting hammered (too quickly - that was the issue). I have amendments for all the areas I decided I didn't like, so I'm rewriting now and will probably try a smaller battle during the week to test the new systems.