Sunday 26 February 2012


My last set of Shapeways models included some seaplanes. I've already posted pics of the Sopwith Baby, but at the time I'd not snapped the others, so here they are:

First up, a Hansa Brandenburg W.12. Following on from my hand painted lozenge for my "regular" late war German fighters and 2 seaters I thought I'd try something similar for this. 

I'm not sure the effect is quite as good as the other models - this naval lozenge is a real pain in the a**e 

The other two are a Macchi M5 and a Hansa Brandenburg CC. Having decided to avoid the Italian front I've gone and blown this plan with these and a couple of Lohner 2 seaters, but I think If I restrict myself to the naval front then perhaps its not so bad 

I might end up getting another couple of these seaplane fighters, they certainly are an interesting diversion from usual scouts.

Anyway, I'm being diverted from all this by Philip's Warhammer 40K fascination - working on "Daddy's Army" just now (you'll have to wait and see what I'm working on though)


  1. Excellent DM, looking forward to the Baby, been trying to resist myself but very hard...

  2. Dave

    Lovely models. The lozenges on the W12 come across very well on the picture.