Tuesday, 3 January 2012

The Plan - And A Review

Having a plan for 2011 worked pretty well and gave me a good deal of focus in my wargaming which was previously lacking. So Here's my first thoughts on a plan for 2012. As last year I expect it will change, but here's what I would like to accomplish this year:

1) Coastal Forces, 1/1200 - a project from last year that didn't get off the ground. The plan is to sort out my unpainted model collection and get my fast play rules into a fit state for games.

2) 15mm ECW - Just a few units to finish off, mainly the Scots cavalry and generals that I missed last year. Then to sort out the various files I have on my computer covering the DBA extension rules and army lists.

3) Medieval Naval - finish off the last 30 cogs, and sort out the fina details for the rules and campaign system

4) AK47 - I have way too much AK47 stuff, so I will sort out what I've got, recycle excess stuff through the Reveille tabletop sale and spruce up whats left. The individually mounted figures I have I'll finish and use for purely skirmish games.

5) Napoleonic naval - another big "lead pile" here. I will try to paint and rig at least one ship per month.

6) 15mm SCW - finish off the last few units (the ersatz Finnish tank squadron and the casualty figures) and then set about finishing off Laura's fast play rules

7) The Sudan - I really want to get back into this in 2012. I'm awaitinga  few units from Nigel, my expert painting friend and I have a couple of units of Bashi Basouks and some civilians to paint up, then all is complete on the modelling front. I think I ought to make another river steamer as well. Then to finalise the rules and get some games in!

8) Wings of War - This is a firm favourite and I'll be getting in as many games as I can, and building up my air fleets.

9) War Rocket - I have one squadron of ships already, and a second one (plus the rules) waiting for me in the US. apart form these I'l probably look to scratch build a few ships as well.

I also have two "special projects" which are ongoing but which I can't say more about just now. Details (hopefully) later).

One thing I am going to try to cut down on is adding to the "lead pile". So I'm imposing a ban on buying new stuff with a few exceptions:

  • Wings of War - New Shapeways models plus the eagerly awaited new releases from Ares
  • Navwar cogs - I need a few of these to round out my medieval fleets
  • An order with peter Pig for SCW stuff, planned before Christmas but I just failed to get it in before their website ordering system closed down
  • The new Sails of Glory game from Ares
  • SCW - a couple of armoured trucks based on the Zvezda GAZ truck, again I just failed to get an order in before New Year.

Other than that (and "staple" items such as paints, glues and materials) - nothing new!! (I wonder how long i can keep that up!)

As far as last year was concerned, how did we do?

 1) 15mm ECW - a sudden burst of enthusiasm saw the foot troops finished off. Cavalry, mounted command and some light artillery still to do 

2) Wings of War - one of the big "successes" of 2011, with everything painted up nicely and lots of games played at the Mall, Iron Acton, Cardiff and at home.

3) 15mm SCW - almost everything completed. Some nice irregular units formed and the regulars finished off. Just  a few things left to sort out now (see above)

4) Coastal - Failed, but I plan to sort that out this year.

5) The Room - fluctuated between "useable" and "dump". Hoping it will spend more time in the former state this year!

6) ACW Naval - Mission complete :) All 1/600 and 1/1200 models painted up and ready to go :)

Not a bad year, all things considered. Hoping 2012 will be just as good, if not better!

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  1. My WW2 1/1200 coastal forces collection (which is not insubstantial) has been patiently sitting in a box for 10 years waiting for attention too...